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Year 2000 Events
CRS Meeting, Paris. Starting July 7th to 14th.
AIChE Annual Meeting, LA
ACS Annual Meeting, Washington
Drug Delivery Links
NCSU drug delivery page
David Nowotnik's CR page
Todd Trash's CR page
Dr. Hancock's NDDS Page
Liposomal drug delivery
Nanosphere technology
Veterinary drug delivery

Related Organizations
A List of organizations related to CR & medical polymers
AIChE Annual Meeting, Los Angeles
ACS Meeting, Washington
Related Journals
Journal of Controlled Release
Advances in Drug Delivery Reviews
J. Biomedical Materials Research
J. Pharmaceutical Sciences
Critical Reviews in Drug Carriers
And More...
Presentation Tools
Biotech Gallery
Science ClipArt
Chemistry ClipArt
A Drug Delivery Review Presentation

Drug Delivery Investments
Drug Delivery Stocks.
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Biotech stocks on the move today.
Literature Searches
Lists of references for articles related to controlled release & drug delivery.
Medline article search
USPTO Patent search
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Polymeric Drug Delivery
A brief review on the basics of polymeric drug delivery.

Drug Delivery Review
Presentation for a drug delivery novice....

The Big List
A list of different biotech companies working in the field of drug delivery

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Keywords: Polymeric Drug Delivery, Pulmonary Delivery, Protein Delivery, Microspheres, Microencapsulation, Liposomes, Transdermal delivery, NDDS, Novel Drug Delivery Systems, Gene delivery.

Pulmonary Delivery
A page with links to companies and articles related to this field.
Delivery of Macromolecules 
Gene Therapy Site
Protein Structure 
Antisense Delivery
Miscellaneous Technologies 
Liposomal Drug Delivery
Colloidal Drug Delivery
Transdermal Drug Delivery
Ultrasonic transdermal delivery
Biodegradable Polymers Page 
Biomedical Polymers Page.. under construction
Featured Article
Review on Protein Delivery.
by Scott Putney 
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Drug Delivery Industry Reports
Comprehensive review on the state-of-the-art.
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