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Department: Polymer Research & Development

Qualifications/Experience: Education: Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical sciences, or biomedical engineering, or chemical engineering with controlled drug delivery as the major dissertation research. Experience: Up to two years industrial experience with a background in gene therapy a plus. Familiar with biodegradable polymers and their applications in pharmaceutics, experience in designing controlled release formulations, experience in the use of LC, GPC, DSC and other instruments used in the characterization of CR dosages forms.

Brief Description: Contribute to the groupís ongoing activities in the physical and chemical characterization. Summarize and write development reports, independently design, execute and interpret experiments leading to new controlled release applications. Come up with new CR formulations for proteins, genetic materials, etc. Participate in a group seeking to broaden our platform through submitting grant applications for federal funding, etc. Interact with other departments regarding coordination of experiment designs and execution. Supervise lower level personnel in research activities. Reference number: 99-029
Send resume to OR FAX to (305)5748390