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I want to thank all of you for taking a moment to send these comments !
- Mahesh
From: "F.Li" Subject: Have you had some information about Sano Pharmaceutical? I read SANO's product development reports sent from the company. Kind of interesting. I'll look at the new stuff you put in on your website. I was involved in developing hydrogel implants for delivery of peptide/steroids, it was fun to know more about this field. With best regards. Fang ..................................... Fang Li, Ph.D. . Strang Cancer Research Laboratory . Box 231, The Rockefeller University . 1230 York Avenue, New York, NY 10021. Tel: 1-212-734-0567 X 230 . Fax: 1-212-472-9471 . ..................................... ------- Dear Mahesh, Just wanted to let you know how interesting I found your WWW pages at: I completed a PhD in a related subject at the Nottingham Trent University, here in the UK, at the beginning of this year, and am currently attempting to prepare a few web pages based on my Thesis. These can be accessed via my home page at: Of interest to you may be a listing of approximately 800 journal references on the subjects of controlled release/ polymer latices, etc. which again can be accessed from the above Index page. I hope you have no objection if, during my next round of editing, I create a link from my pages to yours. Regards, Paul Steward. Nottingham Trend Univ., UK ----------------------------------------- Date: Thu, 24 Oct 1996 16:07:47 -0800 From: Michelle Bacon Dear Mr. Chaubal, Thank you for including us in your drug delivey home page. It looks good. If you don't mind, I would like to ask you to, please, correct the spelling of our company name, DepoTech Corporation. The "T" is capitalized as well as the "D". Thanks so much! Michelle Bacon DepoTech Corporation ------------------------------------------------- From: Brian Barry Organization: The Economist Newspaper X-Url: Congratulations! A very informative site. ----------------------------------- From: Gold Organization: Diffucap Eurand Argentina Subject: drug delivery page Great work Mahesh!!! We found your WWW pages very interesting and usefull. Thanks, Andres Gold. ---------------------------------------- From Thu Nov 21 18:16:02 1996 From: "Tony Passananti" Can drug prices be verified via the Internet, by NDC ( national drug codes ) or Name of drug. Thanks for your Help; Tony ------------------------------------------------- From: Eric Jones, Ph.D. Good job Mahesh Eric -------------------------------------- Dear Mahesh, Thank you very much for the suggestion of this homepage via Pharmweb, it was definitely of help for me. I hope you will be available if I have additional questions. Regards, Bas drs. Bas J. de Leeuw Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam Faculteit Bedrijfskunde Vakgroep Strategie & Omgeving (FB 63) Postbus 1738 3000 DR Rotterdam telefoon 010 408.20.95 fax 010 453.01.37 ---------------------------------------- Hi Mahesh, Thanks for your e-mail reply of 3rd Jan indicating you will be adding the home page of Lawrence Mayer. I found your page very interesting and informative, much like Gopal Krishna's Pharmacokinetics page which you may have seen. Would you be interested to add a little section on liposomal delivery systems? I was myself keen to make one, but you have a solid foundation on CRSystems in your page that adding a section on liposomes will only add to the personality of your page! Apart from Lawrence (Dr. Mayer), one other individual at the UBC/BC Cancer Agency works on liposomal delivery of anticancer drugs and gene therapy (Dr. Marcel Bally). I dont think Marcel has a page in the www yet. Best regards -Rajesh Krishna ------------------------------ Dear Dr. Chaubal, I am a scientist at Pharmacia & Upjohn, who has interest in drug delivery systems. I came across your interesting home page on drug delivery systems, but was unable to view objects due to "forbidden" message. Please indicate what is necessary to secure access to the objects on your very well design internet page. Sincerely, Thomas C. Pinkerton, PhD Senior Scientist IV --------------------------------------- Dear Mahesh I visited the drug delivery page. I found there a lot of friends. I am very interested to put my department in the list of Academic sites. Can you give me the instruction in order to partecipate to the list? My personal compliment to your inititive. Regards Prof. Paolo Colombo Dipartimento Farmaceutico Tel. (39) 521 905086 Via delle Scienze Fax (39) 521 905085 I-43100 Parma --------------------------------- Dear Mahesh, I represent the Eurand Group, comprised of Eurand International and Eurand America, which is one of the leading drug delivery companies in the world. As the webmaster for the upcoming Eurand web site, I am certainly interested in being listed on your drug delivery companies list. Please let me know what you need for Eurand to have a link from your site. I noticed that a few companies do not have links. Perhaps Eurand, for now, could at least be listed, with a link being added when our site goes online. Please send me the information I need to know. Thank you. Elizabeth G. Blust Marketing Specialist The Eurand Group ------------------------------------------------ Dear Sir: I have been trying to look into the "Market Analysis" you listed in the drug delivery homepage and was unable to find the server. I'd appreciate it if you could let me know the correct address for this analysis. Thank you very much. Jo Shen ----------- Dear Mr. Chaubal, Diffucap Eurand was a division of Eurand SpA., but since 1988 it is an independent company fully owned by Argentine investors. Diffucap Eurand is leader in the South American Market and now plans to expand its operations to Europe and Asia. Would you please include our company in your " list of companies involved in drug delivery research & development". Best Regards, Andres Gold Business Development Manager Diffucap Eurand Argentina ------- Dear Sir, Your page of "Overview On Drug Delivery with Emphasis On Polymeric Implants" is very interesting and useful. However there is a mistake in html. "> --------------------------------------------------------------^-- a " is missing here Jin ------------ Thank you for your excellent web page. It serves as an excellent resource for those of us interested in but sadly not experts in the technology. We have a real interest in the area - we produce and market the porcine growth hormone for improving pig production - which appears to be a fairly fussy protein. We currently have to accept injection delivery for the millions of pigs targeted each year. Mike Davidge Southern Cross Biotech Melbourne Australia ----------- We would like to be listed amongst the companies in your drug delivery review. Please refer to our web-site Kindly acknowledge receipt of this message. Thank you in advance, Yehiel Kurrant Marketing and Business Development Department ------------------------------------- E-mail: -------------------------------------------------- From: To: Subject: drug delivery web site Nice site you created - my company works in this area too - see our site at -------------------------------------------- From: "Houlden, Robert" To: "Chaubal @" Subject: Drug Delivery Company Homepage Hello, Soltec Research is a company developing drug delivery systems in the areas of aerosol and transdermal penetration and having visited your webpage we would like to get a link to your page if possible. Currently our website is at http:/ but we hope to have a more elaborate site available by christmas. Regards, Robert Houlden Webmaster Soltec Research ----------------------------------------- Date: Fri, 3 Oct 1997 11:36:22 -0400 (EDT) From: To: Subject: drug delivery web site Nice site you created - my company works in this area too - see our site at ------------------------------------ From: "Bas J. de Leeuw, M.Sc." To: Subject: drug delivery page Dear Mahesh, I am currently a PhD student at the Rotterdam School of Management in the Netherlands. I hold a M.Sc. degree in Biopharmaceutics of the University of Leiden (dept. Pharmaceutical Technology headed by prof. dr. Hans Junginger). My research focusses entirely on the drug delivery companies and their strategies. I wonder whether you will be at the AAPS meeting in Boston in November, I would like to have the opportunity to discuss with you concerning a possible addition to your drug delivery pages. Hope to hear from you. Kind regards, Bas ----------------------- From: "Elizabeth G. Blust" To: Subject: Drug Delivery Page Dear Mahesh, I am pleased to announce that Eurand's web site is now online. Please revise our links on your site to reference Thank you. Elizabeth G. Blust Marketing Specialist Eurand --------------------------------- From: Martin Mauden To: Subject: Hello !! Dear Mr. Chaubal, Your page looks very interesting !! My name is Martin Mauden and I am doing research at the Dep. of pharm. Technology and Biopharmacy. I have a special interest in "Emulsions and Microemulsions as carrier for peptid-drugs", I would be very pleased if you have info about this. Thanks a lot!! With greetings from Heidelberg :-) Martin Mauden Institut f|r pharm. Technologie und Biopharmazie --------------------------- From: Chris Adams To: Subject: Protein Drug Delivery Systems Dear Dr. Chaubal I am looking for technology useful for the delivery of proteins to the brain. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks Chadams ------------------------- Back to the main page