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Robert Langer, MIT
Nicholas Peppas, Purdue
Jindrich Kopecek, Utah
Jeffrey Hubbell, ETH and UNI Zürich
Mark Saltzman, Cornell
Kam Leong, Johns Hopkins
Paolo Colombo, Universeta Degli Studi Di Parma, Italy
Abraham Domb, Israel
Harold Hopfenberg, North Carolina
Rafael Ottenbrite, VCU
Garnet Peck, Purdue
Kinam Park, Purdue
Rita Nicholov, Toronto
Y-L. Cheng, Toronto
Helen Burt, British Columbia
UCSF, Drug Delivery Group

Biomaterials Research Groups
The high-value application of biodegradable/bioabsorbable polymers in the field
of drug delivery, has led to the patenting of many of the existing as well
as newly developed biomedical polymers such as polyanhydrides and poly-
phosphoesters. Thus efforts have intensified towards development of new
patentable polymers which can be used in the field of biomedicine. Such a
product development includes various steps briefly outlined herein:

I am presently developing a page which examines the development of such
biomaterials, starting with a look at different research groups involved in
the development of such materials. You are welcome to take a look at Biomaterials Research Groups

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